Laura Escanes bursts into tears after being accused of ‘bad mother’

Laura Escanes he is going through a delicate moment due to the criticism of some ‘haters’ on his social networks. The ‘Influencer ‘and wife of Risto Mejide He could not help but cry on Instagram to the surprise of his followers because of some sour comments.

At 25 years old and with a million and a half followers on Instagram, the Catalan is right now focused on her daughter Roma, to the point that there are those who believe that if she is not with her all the time, she is a bad mother.

All of this has greatly affected Laura, who in her stories this Thursday he published one of the messages from a user who was ugly at his decision not to turn completely into motherhood.

“This is what I mean by the bad image you’re giving as a mommy on Twitch … I hear my son cry like that and I wake up right away even though he’s working from home. I don’t even put on music so I don’t hear it and I talk that way. What a shame, Laura. Reflect, please ”, said this follower.

“He did not like me too much”, claimed Laura about this “fan”, although she admitted that there is always “a certain respect” in their conversations. “I have been talking to her for several weeks and she has come to accuse me of being a bad mother because I do direct in Twitch. You have heard it several times, sometimes I have gotten up, others I have told you not to worry, that the girl is taken care of, that she is with her father while I am live or whatever, ”Laura explained about family conciliation.