Latest data on the coronavirus in Andalusia

The global pandemic caused by coronavirus known as Covid-19 It seems to have no end yet in Spain and every day more people are infected and people lose their lives due to the epidemic outbreak caused by the virus. SARS-CoV-2.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 8,435 patients have been discharged in Andalusia. 6,038 citizens of this community have required hospitalization and 15,050 people with some test positive for coronavirus.

Recall that the epidemic began on December 1, 2019 in the city of Wuhan (Central China) and that it has spread to such an extent that the total number of deaths in Andalusia has risen to 1,301 since the start of the pandemic.

There are a total of 12,287 confirmed patients in the autonomous community, and of them 742 have entered the ICU due to his weak state of health.

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