Las Palmas and Malaga sign a fair draw

Las Palmas and Málaga tied in Gran Canaria (1-1) in a match that had the first half left over, giving way to a much more attractive second half, with clear chances in both goals and a fair distribution of final points.

The first forty-five minutes had little continuity in the game, with many interruptions and few arrivals to the areas.

The Argentine Sergio Araujo monopolized the only two local attempts, the first with a far left foot that Juan Soriano cleared for a corner in the 22nd minute, and then with a right hand deflected from the edge of the area, in the 40th minute.

Málaga, organized and faithful to its 1-4-1-4-1 drawing, only disturbed Valles with a shot from Jozabed that went high, to Jairo’s pass.

After the break, both teams woke up from their lethargy and in minute 49 the referee had to rectify his first decision to call a penalty for a knockdown of Álex Suárez to Jozabed, since the ball served by Jairo had gone over the baseline.

Araujo was close to the goal in the 62nd minute with a header that saved under the sticks Lombán, after a failed deflection by Juan Soriano, and in the opposite area, Caye Quintana made Valles work with a dry right that the Andalusian goalkeeper deflected to a corner .

Both technicians made changes in search of greater clarity. Joaquín, one of those incorporated in Málaga, was able to score but Valles avoided it, while Edu Espiau had the same luck in the yellows, with a good response from Juan Soriano.

The visiting goal was made by two refreshing footballers, with Joaquín Muñoz galloping on the right, after poor control by Benito Ramírez, and passing back to Stefan Scepovic, whose right hand adjusted from the crescent beat Valles.

Málaga seemed to have it under control, but a major oversight prevented him from winning his ninth game away from La Rosaleda: Aridai’s corner kick from the right and Araujo’s header from the penalty spot, totally alone, and without leaving the grass. The ball, after hitting the post, ended up in the net.

With the match broken, back and forth, Las Palmas even had the chance to win in the 94th minute, but Araujo scored in an offside position and the goal was invalidated.

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Data sheet:

Las Palmas: Álvaro Valles; Álvaro Lemos (Ale Díez, min. 89), Álex Suárez, Eric Curbelo, Benito Ramírez; Clemente (Edu Espiau, min. 74), Sergio Ruiz, Maikel Mesa, Pejiño (Aridai, min. 57); Rober and Araujo.

Malaga: Juan Soriano; Benítez, Juande, Lombán, Matos; Ramón (Alberto Quintana, min. 89); Jairo (Benkhemassa, min. 61), Jozabed (Joaquín Muñoz, min. 61), Cristian Rodríguez, Rahmani; and Caye Quintana (Stefan Scepovic, min. 71).

Goals: 0-1, min. 78: Stefan Scepovic. 1-1, min. 85: Araujo.

Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega (Basque Committee). He showed a yellow card for the locals to Clemente, Álvaro Lemos and Pepe Mel (coach), and for the visitors to Benítez, Juande and Sergio Pellicer (coach).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-fifth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Gran Canaria Stadium, without an audience.