Lando Norris was assaulted after the final of the European Championship

The British pilot Lando Norris was mugged after watching live last Sunday the final of the euro that pitted England and Italy in Wembley. This has been announced by the McLaren team, which has communicated that the pilot is fine, although his watch was stolen.

“Fortunately, Lando has not been injured, but he is very scared, like is logic. The team wants to show their full support and is convinced that the fans will want to join us in showing our full support for this weekend’s British Grand Prix, ”the team said. “The matter is in the hands of the police and we will not comment further ”, has closed McLaren.

According to the British media, the watch was valued at £ 40,000 (more than 45,000 euros). His was not the only incident in the final, as it is known so far that 53 arrests were made of people related to the match. Norris is good friends with several of the England team players, whom he wanted to cheer on at the stadium.