Landeta is the new president of the Basque after defeating Koikili at the polls

Javi Landeta is the new president of the Basque Football Federation after defeating Koikili at the polls Lertxundi during the voting carried out in the General Assembly of this entity. Until now, the head of Leioa has added a total of 86 votes, for the 29 of his rival in these elections and a blank vote. Landeta thus becomes the successor of Juan Mari Elustondo.

The already president of the Basque Federation recognizes that assuming this position is “a very broad exercise of responsibility, but we see ourselves with great enthusiasm and great strength. We have a program that we think is very strong and in this project all Basque football will be represented. It is a very exciting challenge that is also a country project, unifying, with a vocation for plurality and integration ”.

Landeta is clear that the official status of the Basque soccer teams continues to be the objective: “The official match must be played in many fields at the same time, not only in sports, which is the one that touches us, but in institutional, political and each one from their competences and trying to all go in parallel “.

One of the consequences of this appointment is that Landeta has to stop serving as president of Leioa, the Biscayan club that he has headed in recent years: “The position of president of the Basque is incompatible with any other position of president of a club or other sports institution, so with a lot of heartache I will have to stop presiding over Leioa.”