Lance Armstrong’s son arrested for alleged sexual assault on a minor

New setback for Lance Armstrong, this time for a very serious problem with his son. The cycling legend has seen his son arrested Luk
and, 21 years old, allegedly having sexually abused a minor after a party in Austin, Texas.

By then, Armstrong He was 18 years old and the young woman who files the lawsuit was barely 16, so she was a minor, according to the Nextar Media portal.

The attorney for Lance Armstrong, Randy Leavitty, denies the accusations against the cyclist’s son and assures that both Luke and the young woman had a consensual relationship at the time. “What happened three years ago was not a sexual assault. It was a consensual relationship after which they both went their separate ways. These charges should not have been filed. And less three years later ”, affirms the lawyer.

The alleged victim of sexual abuse testified before the county police in 2020, recounting that two years ago he asked Luke armstrong that he picked her up from a party because she couldn’t drive – in the United States the minimum age to drive is 16 years old – having consumed alcoholic beverages.

The girl claims to have woken up on a sofa in the house where the son of Armstrong and having been sexually assaulted. The case is currently being investigated, awaiting more solid evidence of what happened.