Lampard has someone to defend him

Lampard not only has detractors. He also has someone to support him. In this case he is the former coach of the Chelsea
Grant who has thrown a spear in defense of the former English international before the irregular campaign that the blue team is carrying out in a season that was presumed successful.

A big outlay this past summer, with stellar arrivals like those of Kai

and Scam
Werner raised expectations for a team that finished fourth in Lampard’s first season in office in 2019-20.

The London club were listed as a contender for the title after a very good start to the campaign, but four defeats in six Premier League games put them in ninth place in the table and put pressure on Lampard.

“You have to be strong when things are not going well, because when things are going well everyone is genius and everyone knows what to do,” said Grant, who was fired a few days after taking Chelsea to the Champions League final, on his Instagram account. League in 2008.

“In a situation like this you have to find solutions and show a lot of character. What I can tell Frank and the others in the club is to be patient and do whatever it takes. Don’t lose your fighting spirit. Solutions must be sought. If you do that, then everything will be fine because the quality is there ”.

Chelsea will host Ligue Two (third division) Morecambe in the FA Cup third round this Sunday.