Lampard defends players by hugging after a goal

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard today defended his players, who are, like the rest of the Premier League teams, at the center of the debate for celebrating goals by hugging and shaking hands as England fights against the rebound in the pandemic of COVID-19.

Both the British government and the health authorities have in recent hours urged players to avoid this type of contact and even from the political sphere it has been suggested the possibility of being booked with a yellow card when they hug to celebrate a goal.

The Premier League is holding virtual meetings with the coaches and captains of the 20 teams to reinforce the message that protocols must be respected, but Lampard echoed the views of other colleagues who, like him, consider that it is not easy to comply with them.

If we want to eliminate instinct from the game, it is not so simple

“Football has been and always will be a game of instinct. If we want to eliminate the instinct of the game, then it is not so simple ”, assured Lampard today in the press conference before the Premier’s game on Saturday against Fulham.

“The players are good guys and they don’t want to do anything wrong,” insisted Lampard. “In a perfect world (after scoring a goal) we will all go back to midfield and just start over. But that may not be the case, and I don’t think players can be held accountable unless there is a clear violation of those rules.

Football organizations reinforce measures

Premier League protocol states that “unnecessary contact, particularly between rival teams, should be avoided. This includes handshakes, high-fives, and hugs. “

Today the English Federation (FA), Premier League, English League and Women’s Super League have announced the introduction of reinforced measures to curb the spread of the virus.

They urge clubs to ensure compliance with the rules

The agencies urged clubs to do their bit to ensure that the season can be completed after outbreaks in several teams have forced suspension of several games.

“Safety is a collective effort and football requires the continued support of clubs to continue to manage the spread of the infection and set the right example to the public on and off the pitch,” they said in a joint statement. “Our organizations have confidence in our COVID-19 protocols and our ability to bring the season to a successful conclusion ”.