“LaLiga’s approach is absolutely obscene”

The Eibar supporters clubs have issued a joint statement, released by ‘Eskozia La Brava’ and using the hashtag # NoEsF FútbolEsLaLiga, to harshly criticize LaLiga’s intention to resume the competition “at all costs and as soon as possible”. In the text, signed by 16 clubs and the federation, they show their “most outrage and the deepest rejection” of this proposal, which they believe does not take into account “the grievance and the lack of solidarity that this implies for the rest of the sectors of the sports and non-sports activity and towards society in general ”.

Their fiery criticism leads them to value this approach of the LFP as “absolutely obscene, that only responds to the delusion of economic greatness of its rectors, a delusion based on a feeling of total social supremacy and moral impunity

In the same way, they regret the “lousy attitude of the football bosses” when they understand that it “monopolizes” the tests “regardless of whether the vital need is in other groups” and they also complain because “There is not a single proposal to reactivate hobby football in stadiums

Finally, they say they have a thread of hope, “that the entities that make up the LFP, in our case SD Eibar, act from convictions much closer to that of society in general and that of the hobby in particular

This is the full text that the Eibar supporters have published:

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