LaLiga, the most crushed by Covid in the sale and purchase of players

The exorbitant amounts that were handled until just a year ago (summer and January 2020) in the transfers of players in Spanish and European football have forgotten by ‘fault’ of the brutal economic crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Less money invested and much less movements that require bleeding the coffers, the common denominator in all competitions, although LaLiga has suffered a stronger slap than their European ‘sisters’.

The league

According to a LaLiga study, carried out by ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers’, the drop in income derived from transfers of footballers in Spain last summer, was 60% compared to the previous year, a percentage higher than the rest of the major European leagues (the Premier 36% and Italy 23%).

When it comes to selling, the coronavirus crisis has weighed down the movements of the vast majority of Spanish clubs, both in the First and Second Division.

The 19/20 season was not so affected (it did not diminish the two transfer markets since the pandemic arrived from March 2020), but lThe projection for 20/21, the current one, points to a 58% drop in income (About 727 million less could be billed).

The economic crisis due to Covid-19 has affected the sale of players in Spain, but He has also played fully when it comes to scratching his pocket to reinforce the clubs. In the 2020-21 campaign, estimates contemplate that the expense for the purchase of footballers will be can reduce by 66% compared to the 19/20 financial year. Or what is the same, it is expected 473 million less disbursed by Spanish clubs, the biggest drop when buying to reinforce the squads of all European leagues.