LaLiga scoring blackout among the ‘big’ in Europe

The league Spanish has finished with lower scoring numbers than the rest of the major European leagues, one of the worst in goal average. Specifically, 953 have been scored in 380 games, which gives an average of 2.5 per game. Ahead, the Premier League has seen 1,024 goals scored, at 2.69 points per game.

The three leagues with the best goalscoring average this season that have ended are the League 1 French, in which 1,049 goals were scored, with an average of 2.76 goals per game; Second in the ranking is the Bundesliga Germana, with 928 scoring goals and with an average of 3.03 goals per game while the undisputed leader is the A series Italian. In their matches, 1,160 goals have been scored, which means 3.05 goals per game.

The highest scoring team has been Bayern Munich, with 99 goals, followed by Italian Atalanta, with 90, Inter (89) and Napoli (86). The first Spanish club to appear is the FC Barcelona, who has seen the door 85 times.