LaLiga makes a clarification about the prince of Johor

The league assured this Friday that the conversation held last Thursday by the president of the LFP, Javier
Thebes, and other managers of the organization, with the the prince
Johor, Tunku Ismail, was on various topics related to the development of the football industry in Europe and Asia but does not claim they did it on Valencia.

According to sources from LaLiga to Efe, the possible arrival of the heir to the Johor sultanate is a private matter for the entity and its maximum shareholder Peter Lim.

From the LFP they framed the telematic meeting in the work that for three years they have been carrying out with Malaysia (to which the Sultanate of Johor belongs) for the implementation of economic control and the establishment of a digital and audiovisual strategy.

The association of Spanish clubs assures that they have a “very good relationship” with the Malaysian federation and also with the prince of Johor, which would thus be prior to the possibility of him reaching the Mestalla club.

Tunku Ismail opened a few days ago the possibility of his arrival at Valencia by posting on social networks extracts of what appeared to be an economic report on the club and making a series of reflections on what in his opinion the entity needs, from the who came to speak in the first person plural.