LaLiga legends bet on Atlético and point to key figures

The league is coming to an end after a very complicated season, marked by the health crisis of the Coronavirus. And he does it with him

Madrid and the Real
Madrid fighting for the title.

With the mattress box in advantage, if he wins he will take the trophy, The league organized an international conference in which former competition players, championship legends, expressed how they see this last exciting day.

Almost all of them agreed that the big favorite to win the title is the Atlético de Madrid. For example, Lewis
Garcia, former player of the rojiblanco team, in addition to Liverpool, Barça, Puebla, Racing, among others.

“The champion will be the Atlético de Madrid. This league has been so competitive that we have enjoyed it. It is an award and a reinforcement of all the work they have been doing all these years, they deserve it ”, explained the Catalan footballer.

Another ex-mattress like Diego
Forlan He also believes that Simeone’s will be the champions. “I want and I believe that he will win andl Atlético de Madrid. It’s going to be a tough game, but the Athletics it is solid. They were years of transition and today the results are being seen ”, expressed the Uruguayan.


Also players who played in other teams such as Javier Mascherano or Frédéric
Kanoute they applied for the mattress side and highlighted two footballers who for them have been key in the good work of the championship.

Mascherano highlighted his former partner Luis Suarez. “The Athletic has made a great choice when it comes to seducing him to continue in Spain. We knew about his scoring ability, his hierarchy, it was a very big impact, especially for those of us who had the opportunity to play with him ”, explained the‘ Jefecito ’.

On the other hand, for Kanoute, the key man has been Llorente. “He has had a superb, spectacular season, changing his position and exploding on offense. Llorente It has surprised us all ”, concluded the Mali.