LaLiga increases the salary limit of Madrid and lowers that of Barça

New lowering of the salary limits of the clubs The league after the winter market is closed. The employer’s association has presented the mandatory report on this Tuesday and in relation to the one that was exposed in November 2020 there is a cut of 109 million euros. Among the 20 teams of the Santander League it has gone from 2,333,027 ‘kilos’ to 2,224,105. A drop, especially due to the delay in the return to the stadiums of the fans, something that has caused that there has been no income at the box office despite the fact that it was thought that in January there would be. The league has also announced an economic impact of loss of income for the Santander League and the Smartbank League of 1,030 million euros. Thus a summer is presented in which very expensive signings cannot be made.


At the individual level, it stands out Real Madrid It continues to be the club that has the most money to pay its staff, just over 473 million, curiously five more than the 468 in November. The Barça it is located 126 ‘kilos’ below, with 347. In November the Barça club had 382’72.

The two ‘greats’ of Spanish football are followed by Atlético de Madrid, with 217, Sevilla, with 183, and Villarreal, with 143. At the bottom, Elche is the club that has the least margin, specifically with 32. They are followed by Levante, with 36 and Huesca, with 37, while Alavés has 39.

In the Smartbank League, the clipping is hardly noticeable. It has gone from 237,505 in November to 237,186 in March. Espanyol leads this table, with almost 45 million. Almería follows with 27. Málaga closes this particular classification, with three kilos.