LaLiga applauds the ‘historic’ resolution of the EU Parliament against piracy

The league described as “historic” the resolution of the European Parliament against audiovisual piracy and expressed his satisfaction that it has “shown its commitment to the establishment of clear legislation to help against this scourge.”

In a statement The league considered that the Eurocamara “sends a strong signal to the European Commission to propose regulations that oblige service providers to withdraw the illegal broadcast of the sporting event, in a maximum of 30 minutes from the notification of the rights holder, and create a European system of whistleblowers reliable based on common criteria to be developed “.

“Behind audiovisual piracy what they hide are clandestine organizations, which profit from the content generated by others, thus causing job losses, black money that does not generate taxes and irreparable damage to content creators,” he denounced.

The body chaired by Javier Tebas assured that it will continue to fight both through the judicial and technological channels, putting all its innovations in this aspect at the service of legitimate content creators in the fight against piracy, and recalled that it already shares these tools of protection with organizations such as the Ministry of Culture and Sports, MotoGP ™ and WorldSBK, Sky Sports Mexico or the Jupiler Pro League of Belgium.

“From LaLiga we will continue to collaborate with European and national institutions so that this historic Resolution crystallizes in a European regulation that helps all sport in Europe,” he added.

The European Parliament on Wednesday called for new legislation to stop the illegal broadcasts of sporting events over the internet within a maximum of 30 minutes from the notification that an illegal retransmission is taking place, since it considers that this practice puts at risk the financing of the sector in the long-term.

In a resolution approved by 479 votes in favor, 171 against and 40 abstentions, MEPs urge the European Commission to propose a new rule to establish legal protection on the broadcast of these events, since, they assure, their piracy ” it harms the sports ecosystem and end users. “