Lainez: ‘That commitment to defense makes us go up’

Diego Lainez regained ownership last Sunday in Cadiz after missing four league games and the tie wins against the Athletic because of the Covid, just when it was passing its best moment in the Real Betis and had started seven consecutive games since the start of 2021, four in the League and three in the Copa del Rey, with five wins and two draws. “I am happy to be back, to have added minutes again and that the team has added another victory,” said the Mexican in an interview with RTV Betis-. I was in a very positive dynamic, we were winning practically everything, I got Covid and the team kept winning. That means that we are all involved and it is important and it has given us results ”.

On the good streak that Betis has been running since the beginning of the year, he indicated the following: “We have started 2021 with the right foot, since the derby we saw a commitment and an attitude of doing things well that we had before but the things. In the derby we saw that doing things well it worked and it gave us the energy to continue there. We are all united. We know that the commitment is with the team and the people behind it. Everyone Canales, Fekir, Aitor… everyone makes the team have that difference. That commitment to defense makes us go up ”, assured the Mexican international about the improvement in the team’s defense.

“It is a very good year, in which I have had more regularity, with a maturity that has progressed and I have to continue working and putting more commitment on my part,” said Lainez, who referred to the figure of the coach, Manuel Pellegrini : “He is a person with an incredible trajectory and we are learning from him and he helps us with his advice and we have to know how he contributes it to receive it and do it on the pitch.

Lainez also spoke about next Monday’s game against him Alaves: “It is a game that we have to focus 100% on ourselves but it is a team that is always difficult. We are focused on what we can contribute to the team and I think it is important for the game on Monday ”. And he highlighted the unity that exists in the group: “It is something very important and what the team has understood is that together we have been better able to have better results and the least is that we are doing well on the field but the commitment and making the things well it has been seen that we have it and that it will be ”.