Lady Gaga’s dog walker is shot in broad daylight and the animals are taken away

Ryan Fischer, dog walker of the famous singer Lady Gaga, was shot on Wednesday night in West Hollywood when he was about to remove Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo, the three French bulldogs that the “Poker Face” interpreter has.

The young man was in the vicinity of the residence of the New York singer in The Angels when a man with a gun shot her in the chest and took two of the three dogs that live with the artist. The police and medical assistants appeared a few minutes after the attack and transferred to Fischer, who was conscious but barely breathing, to the nearest hospital.

Pictures of the facts

Koji and Gustavo were the two dogs that the attacker took, while Miss Asia managed to escape and it was the agents who picked up the dog and, wrapped in blankets, took her to the police station where she was later picked up by one of the bodyguards of own Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga offers $ 500,000 reward for her dogs

Although no one from the singer’s environment has commented on the events that occurred last night, it has been learned that the artist herself would be offering half a million dollars to those who return Koji and Gustavo alive and without asking questions. .