‘La Resistencia’: Gerard Moreno’s explicit response to the questions of sex and money

Gerard Moreno has been this Thursday in ‘The resistance’Two days before decisive day for him Real Madrid and Atlético. The forward of the Villarreal has starred in a relaxed interview with David broncano in which there has been more than one ‘momentazo’ and the odd confession.

Moreno, who is in one of his best moments both personally and professionally, has begun the interview by delivering Broncano various gifts and talking a little About your family. In that sense, he explained that his father and brother have always played soccer -his father came to play in the third division with Barça B- but, on the other hand, he has surprised by revealing that as a child he he did not like it.

Gerard Moreno in ‘La Resistencia’.

Gerard Moreno destroys the sofa of ‘La Resistencia’ and comes to Dani Parejo

Among the gifts that the Villarreal striker has brought for the presenter, there was a fuet bar. Precisely to cut this last gift, the team has brought a knife. It was then that Moreno has starred in an authentic ‘momentazo’ when, knife in hand, has revealed what they were your true intentions.

“Land you destroyed my partner Dani Parejo’s sofa and revenge would be good, now I will burst yours”, Announced the footballer. Parejo gave away to ‘The Resistance’ a new sofa to seat the guests that was later shattered stabbed by the comedian Ignatius farray and other personalities who have been through the program.

To avenge his wardrobe partner, the Catalan athlete, amid applause, has gone to the sofa that was located next to the audience chairs and has not hesitated to crack it several times. “The bastard has hit good cuts“Commented the presenter, laughing.

Gerard Moreno in 'La Resistencia'.

Gerard Moreno in ‘La Resistencia’.

Gerard Moreno has 5 million euros in the bank

It is not so frequent that Broncano asks the mythical questions of the format: how much money the guest has in the bank and how many sex they have had in the last month. However, this Thursday Moreno has answered these two questions and has done so with great sincerity. The money? It has 5 million euros. Sex? “I have not counted them. It is true that this month we have had many games during the week (…). Two or three times a week“Said the footballer, who has been married to two years Nuria and they have two little daughters.