La Real will not set foot on Old Trafford until tomorrow

Real players will not set foot in the Old Trafford stadium until an hour and a half before tomorrow’s match against Manchester United, the second leg of the Europa League round of 32. By decision of the txuri urdin club, the team of Imanol
Sheriff He will not train nor will he even approach today after landing in the Mancuniana city at the ‘Red Devils’ Coliseum, where he already played seven years ago in the Champions League.

As soon as it landed in the United Kingdom today, the royalist expedition, in which journalists cannot be included this time, will head towards its headquarters, from which it will not leave until a few hours before the game, which will begin at eight o’clock in the morning. late, according to English time, 21 hours for these payments. It is about minimizing the risks of contagion in a country plagued by one of the most virulent strains of the coronavirus in terms of transmission. However, the behavior of the players will be almost identical to that carried out in League matches: they leave their rooms dressed, from the bus they go directly to the changing room and, at the end of the match, on their way to the hotel without going through the shower of the ‘theater of dreams’. As professional athletes, the players and coaches of the Royal have a special permit to be able to fly and return from the United Kingdom without having to pass the quarantine required by the rest of the citizens.

Although the expedition is less numerous than in previous trips, the president, Jokin
Aperribay, plus some managers and the general director of football, Robert
Olabe, will travel with the team on behalf of the club.

Wake up in enemy territory

Unlike the trip to Turin last week, the royalists, as MD reported on Monday, spend two nights in Manchester, stay in English territory after the meeting to rest better and will return to Gipuzkoa after training on Friday morning in the Manchester City sports facilities, with which the Royal has close ties.

If a match against Manchester United at Old Trafford is already unforgettable for a footballer, doing it without an audience in the stands, without options after a 0-4, without the presence of journalists and training the next day at his home. Eternal enemy, the City, will make it even more special and strange.