La Real will meet Januzaj when he returns from vacation

Januzaj It represents one of the great unknowns of the Real’s summer. As MD has learned, the club awaits the return of the footballer from his vacation to meet him and his agent and find out first-hand if he intends to extend his contract with the txuri urdin entity, which expires in 2022. The talented winger Belgian knows what the proposed expansion of his club is, but so far he has not sent any response or indication of his intention. If he does not expand his link with the Real, the club will put him on the market to try to obtain revenue from his transfer. Own Jokin
Aperribay He said publicly that they were looking for a goalkeeper, a left back and “it is possible that we will look at a wing player.”

This last operation could materialize in the event that they sell to Januzaj or seek a solution to the situation of Martin
Merquelanz, which in MD expressed his will to be a protagonist again, even if it was at the cost of leaving the Real.

Olabe clearly expressed his desire to continue Januzaj, but he asked him the same thing: “The agreement we reach has to do with what we both want in the future, it has to be signed in blood, it doesn’t have to do with money.” Januzaj will be here on July 8, with everyone.