La Real showed his discomfort to Pizarro Gómez in Mestalla

The discomfort with which the Real returned on Sunday from Valencia regarding the arbitration performance suffered in Mestalla it came directly to Pizarro
Gomez, collegiate of the meeting. Although public demonstrations of both Imanol as the players who appeared before the press used a sympathetic tone with the work of the braid, and there were even footballers like Guevara who did not blame the referee for the tie but rather their own mistakes, the message that he transferred to the Real to the braid of Town
Real it had a different tone and content.

At the end of the match and at the Valencia stadium facilities, prominent representatives of the txuri urdin expedition to the city of Turia they transferred him to Pizarro
Gomez in person who disagree with the decisions he had made on the lawn. Although in the hours after the game the entity has been required to Anoeta a more vehement position, a public complaint, for the arbitration treatment received, the ‘Modus operandi’ of the club was to complain directly to the referee at the stadium.