La Real returns to glory

“United we are unstoppable.” The phrase of a limping Asier
Illarramendi after receiving the trophy that proclaims Real’s Cup champion for the third time in its history, it perfectly sums up the moment of strength that Real Sociedad is experiencing. Established in its deepest roots and with a model of a modern and ambitious club, the entity txuri urdin met again yesterday with glory, beating in the final of La Cartuja Athletic with a goal from Oyarzabal. The victory is nothing but the consequence of the road traveled, which since yesterday allows him to close with honor the brilliant history of the entity in the eighties and reopen the club’s golden books to inscribe the name of this group of footballers who have made the Royal champion again. And they want it not to be the last drink they raise.

The champion trophy lifted him Asier
Illarramendi, symbolic and necessary gesture since the mutrikuarra It is the last link in the chain that allowed the Real to survive in the years of lead. Those who refounded the club, making it go from the Second Division to the Champions and now, finally, to be champion again. But this is the Real de Mikel
Oyarzabal, the Eibar is the captain ‘in pectore’ of this group that has restored glory to the Real with a modern, versatile, attractive, brave and efficient football. And the architect of all this is a Imanol
Sheriff who joined the team in January 2019 and in 27 months has put the icing on the cake that he began to sculpt with that first triumph at the Santiago Bernabéu on Three Kings Day two years ago. Since yesterday, that of Orio He is the fourth champion coach in the history of Real together with Berraondo, Ormaetxea and John
Toshack. It is in history forever.

United they are unstoppables

And above all of them, Jokin
Aperribay, the president who made the Royal rise from the ashes. The Cup title ends up crowning the path traveled by the Anoeta entity in the thirteen years of the debarra’s mandate in which it first rose, then put the Real in the Champions and finally now it has returned to make it champion 34 years later to the entity txuri urdin.

La Real, surely, did not play their best game but they were once again champion faithful to their style. Bravely, carrying the weight, trying to be the protagonist with the ball. And he did it with a staging loaded with symbolism. Oyarzabal will go down in history as the player who, with his goal, gave the club a new title but the fact of being champion with young homegrown players Gorosabel, You
Normand, Zubeldia, Zubimendi, Guevara or Barrenetxea, supported by top-level footballers such as Silva, Merino or Monreal, talks about what the Real wants to be and how it wants to approach being competitive in the elite. With a game model that combines the pride of the house, with the quality of the best that can be acquired in the market and, above all, with an ambition that ensures that in the coming years there are still wonderful stories to write. Even the fact that the penalty was done by Iñigo Martínez had some poetic justice since the ondarrutarra did not want to voluntarily be part of that way of understanding life.

It took 34 years to wait. It cannot be said that it has been worth it since we all would have liked to be champions before but if there is something worth waiting for, it is to build the club and team model that this Real has, which makes its people so proud, and that although he had surely deserved to be champion before, yesterday he showed that, as he said Asier
Illarramendi, united they are unstoppable.