La Real pronounces against the Super League

La Real has ruled on the decision to create a new European competition by 12 clubs. The txuri urdin club manifests itself in terms of the most resounding rejection of the Super League. He adheres to the position of UEFA, FIFA and the League, clearly going against the entities that are in favor of breaking completely with the scenario that prevails so far in football.

The official statement of the Anoeta club is pronounced in the following terms:

“From Real Sociedad we consider that this is not the way and that it is a detrimental decision for European football. The Royal Society shares and defends the current model by which any club, taking into account its sporting achievements, can play an international competition on its own merits ”.

“We trust that between all parties, UEFA, RFEF, LaLiga and the clubs, we will manage to redirect this situation for the good of football and all the fans.”