La Real opens Anoeta

Real Sociedad, as MD announced yesterday, today announced the implementation of a plan so that 1,000 spectators can enter the Europa League matches. On October 20, the club will proceed to explain the conditions of a draw, exclusively for its subscribers, to decide which fans will have the opportunity to meet again with the purest essence of their passion: live it live. “We will always follow the principle of rigor and security” based on the plan Bizi Berri II promoted by the Basque Government, puts Jokin
Aperribay which, however, is declared moderately optimistic that Anoeta open your doors: “If you can’t, you won’t, but we don’t think it will happen.”

La Real will “scrupulously” obey the instructions of the Basque Government, the authority that governs the rules for access to a sporting event in the Basque Country. Aperribay explains that “we have the protocols prepared since June, in constant review”, for this purpose. Attendance at the stadium will open against Napoli, on October 29, and will be “personal and non-transferable.” The president of the club celebrates the advance, admits that “we are very happy” because he believes that “it is great news.”

The UEFA allows public access and the Royal takes the glove, with the approval of the Basque Government. “The plan seems excellent, very complete, with a lot of information to cohabit with the pandemic,” he emphasizes. Aperribay, without forgetting that “health is ahead of any decision we can make.” The executive txuri urdin thinks that the incorporation of the fans will be “gradual” in the near future.

La Real extends the reunion with its partners to the First Women’s Division. From this Saturday, against Levante, at eleven in the morning. “We will try to make the Z7 a bubble.” At the moment, there will be room for 150 people in the aforementioned Zubieta field. From the next weekend you have started, it will apply to Sanse. “We are going to open a registration place and the first 150 people will be able to go see football. It will not be the same method for the coming days ”. It is a system under study that has not yet seen the light.

364 more partners during the pandemic

Aperribay announces 142 drops in the subscribers chapter and 364 registrations. La Real currently has 35,222 members and 118 people waiting. “The data is extraordinary,” defends the president. There are more people who have joined the social mass than those who have decided to withdraw, all in the midst of the health crisis.

The current situation in society also marks the new system proposed by the Royal for the payment of season tickets. The club will return 50% of the annual fee for 2020. And it will activate two options. One, refund the money to the partner. The other, deduct the amount of the fertilizer for the next year. 70% of the amount corresponding to 2020 will have been returned.

In 2021 “we are going to charge normal”, he clarifies Aperribay, explaining that “the return will be our first objective. More when the pandemic has taken us all by surprise. We have decided that it is a normal charge in 2021 for the income ”, he argues. “La Real, from the beginning of the pandemic until today, has 15 million euros less,” he says Aperribay.

In 2021 there will not be half a club day either, as has been customary in recent years. And if the Real is still alive in Europe, you will not have to pay an extra to watch the matches of the continental competition. Provided, of course, that assistance to the fields can be resumed as it was known prior to the current social situation.

15 million less, but in surplus

“The effects of the pandemic are noticeable”, assumes the highest president. In any case, the Real survives with integrity: “We are going to close last year in positive terms, with a little more than 3 million” of surplus. “For this year we also have a positive budget. We have an orderly treasury. We have invested a lot in the field, “says Aperribay, revealing that they only have the last payment to the city council for December for the Anoeta works. “It is not that we swim in abundance, but we are happy with how we are handling the accounts.”

“We have a good team”

The adjustment of finances has influenced the transfer market, but Aperribay clarifies that “being able to sign has been possible. Another thing is the team you have to sign up for, “he adds.” We have always said that we will look inside first, “says the president, stating that” we are very happy with the Sanse centrals. In short, “we think we have a good team”, he says, to remind us later that “it was a very quiet summer. More than it may have seemed ”.

“We do not have a date for the Cup final”

The Cup final is still hanging in limbo: “We have no confirmed date, the limit is the next final,” Aperribay dedicated himself to capturing. “Predicting the attendance of the public is impossible,” he affirms, making it clear that La Cartuja has never been ‘moved’: “The Spanish Federation sets the field and the conversation has not been able to talk about a change of scenery. There are many themes “of this long-awaited party, he says,” that have entered the field of speculation.