La Real has 5.6 million euros less than the salary cap

La Real has 5.6 million euros less than the salary cap. This is how the League has decided after the winter market, leaving that value at 95.2 million for the entity txuri urdin. Last summer it was 100.8. The decrease is generalized in almost all teams – only Celta and Granada see their limits increased-, given the economic circumstances produced by the pandemic.

The inevitable decline in box office and advertising revenue is the reason why the Real sees the amount of its salary cap lowered. However, this downward variation also does not disrupt the club’s plans, which had a margin of maneuver to address the salaries of the first team, which is historically the most important expense item in the budget. La Real plans to spend 110 million euros this season, 68 of which are earmarked for personnel expenses.

Seventh in the ranking

There are only seven clubs that have a salary cap higher than txuri urdin in the First Division: Real Madrid (473 million), Barcelona (347), Atlético de Madrid (217), Sevilla (183), Villarreal (142) and Athletic (110). It is curious that Villarreal has a limit that is 44 million higher than that of Real. The entity txuri urdin overtakes a Valencia (93 million) in free fall in this ranking.

The League recalls that this squad cost limit is the maximum amount that each club can consume during the 2020/2021 season after the winter market. It includes spending on players, head coach, assistant coach and physical trainer of the first team and also spending on affiliates, quarry and other sections. It also refers to fixed and variable salaries, social security, collective bonuses, acquisition expenses (including commissions for agents) and amortizations (purchase amount of players charged annually based on the number of years of the player’s contract). The request for this salary cap does not imply that the established figure will be fully consumed.

Salary cap in First February 2021