‘La Casa Fuerte’: Fani and Christofer’s wedding is in danger

A few days ago, one of the couples of the moment in the Mediaset universe, the one formed by Christofer Guzmán and Fani Carbajo, starred in a very strong discussion in ‘The Strong House’. The tension reached such a point that both threatened to abandon the new Telecinco contest. However, they ended up making peace and this Wednesday they were again the protagonists with a totally different news: Fani could be pregnant.

As well. Amid the illusion of this supposed pregnancy, a new setback has shaken the relationship. And is that as a result of a discussion between Fani, Cristina Gilabert and her boyfriend Ferre, it has been revealed that there are some controversial statements that Fani has done inside the house that could destroy the relationship once and for all and dynamite wedding plans.

This was confirmed by some of the contestants of ‘La Casa Fuerte’ during the gala this Thursday. “I honestly do not care and I can assure you that no comment here will shake the relationship”Christofer answered forcefully. “When I get angry I say outrageous“Added Fani, removing iron from what he could have said.

But finally, the contestants have spoken. First, Labrador: “I am going to say one of the things. When he got angry with him he said ‘look, I’m looking forward to Christofer being taken away and Rubén (Sánchez) put in me and that’s how I do the round program’” “I have not said about Rubén”, answered Fani, denying having made reference to the young man with whom she was unfaithful to her boyfriend in ‘The island of temptations’. However, Oriana Marzoli It has also been confirmed.

Ferre a Fani: “You told me you were not in love with him”

Despite the fact that several contestants have confirmed it, Christofer has assured that he does not believe the words of his companions. “There is no more blind than he who does not want to see”Ferre commented before releasing a new pump. Fani’s verbatim words: ‘I am going to marry Christofer so they will pay me the cover and then I will sell the divorce.’“Lepe’s has released. “This I have said. We were kidding, “Fani answered his partner deSurvivors 2020’.

Cristina Gilabert and Ferre reveal some controversial statements by Fani.

In ‘Survivors’ You told me you weren’t in love with him, so don’t look for my tongue“Ferre insisted. “My wedding is going on and if the (pregnancy) test is negative, we will keep looking”, sentenced Fani before a Christofer who has hardly spoken. But how are these statements going to affect the relationship?