Kroos’ impressive talk with his brother before playing at Anfield

The temperance of Toni Kroos when it comes to playing soccer. But even so, after his successful career, it remains surprising that, before the big games, he does not enter a maze of nerves.

The last reference to his capacity for temperance is the one revealed yesterday by his brother Felix kroos who, in DAZN, assured that the German midfielder was speaking with him just 20 minutes before the start of the game against him Liverpool.

Just at the moment when every player is psyched before entering the field, Toni Kroos he was talking to his brother about a game in the German second division. “20 minutes before the game we were talking about Osnabrück-Regensburg, who just finished in the second division, which is the best result for us. The match ended 0-1. I told him that the draw was not bad for us, but he told me that it was better if they lost, that they were stiff, “said Félix Kroos.

The brother, current player of the Eintracht of BraunschweigTo further qualify his brother’s temperament, he commented: “You can call him five minutes before the World Cup final and talk to him.”