Kroos denounces Qatar’s ‘unacceptable’ working and safety conditions

The German international and Real Madrid player Toni Kroos has described the current working conditions in Qatar as “unacceptable”, the country that will host the 2022 World Cup and that, according to the complaint, does not guarantee the safety of its workers.

“Immigrant workers are subjected to days without rest under torrid 50 degrees, they suffer from insufficient nutrition, without drinking water and at crazy temperatures,” says the player, from the joint podcast with his brother felix.

Under these conditions, there is no guarantee of safety for those who work for the tournament, nor is there any medical care, he continues Kroos, for whom the decision to celebrate the World Cup there “was not good”.

The Madrid player also recalls that homosexuality is criminally prosecuted in Qatar and that “certain violence” is practiced on workers.

“All of these are absolutely unacceptable points,” he says, although without actually proposing a boycott of that World Cup. “Would that serve to improve working conditions? I think not,” he argues, to point to the possibility of drawing attention to these situations by taking advantage of the tournament.

“Football always arouses extreme attention. Be it before the tournament or during it,” suggests the player.

German internationals They showed in the last qualifying matches – against Iceland and Romania – shirts alluding to human rights, as a statement against violations and in line with the United Nations Charter.