Kondogbia wants it to be his year at Atlético

Geoffrey kondogbia live a special preseason with him Atlético de Madrid. The first as a rojiblanco player, since last season he landed at the Metropolitano in October, with the League already started and without the possibility of putting himself under the orders of Diego Simeone and from Profe Ortega, protagonist of this part of the mattress preparation.

The Frenchman faces a momentous course for him, in which he hopes to have more prominence than in the previous one, where he only added 1,211 minutes spread over 32 games (an average of less than 40 ‘per game), being a substitute on 21 of those occasions. Numbers that without being bad for a footballer arrived with the course started to a team of the CholoWith all that that implies, it aspires to more. Much more.

Because 29-year-old Kondogbia believes he can be important at Atlético. He is convinced of it. And he wants to prove it. The midfielder believes that it will be key to have started the preseason from the beginning, to quickly acquire a good physical tone and gain the confidence of the coach from a tactical point of view.

The final preparation of the squad will also have a great influence to know the competition that the Frenchman will have, international with the Central African Republic, in the core. For now, it will not continue Torreira compared to last year, but Rodrigo de Paul has arrived who, without having his characteristics, will act in principle in the double pivot.

Go on Koke, while Saul Y Herrera they are anyone’s guess. The youth squad has been contemplating the option of leaving for months while the Mexican could hear offers. In addition, his incorporation to the group will be the last, since he is still competing, so on that side, Kondogbia He will start with an advantage over the North American.

His adaptation to Atlético was already good last season, and you only have to see a current training session to realize how integrated the former Valencia player is in the mattress team. Kondogbia
he wants it to be his year. That happens to do things right from the preseason. And he is on the way.