Koke’s wife recounts the drama she is experiencing with her son: ‘I need help’

The maternity It is the most beautiful part of a woman’s life, but also the most tough and demanding. Nights and nights without sleep and null independence, because the baby requires his mother for everything. A situation that you are now experiencing in the first person Beatriz Espejel, wife of ‘Koke’ Resurrection.

The marriage welcomed their first child together, Leo, just over a year ago. And now he is going through one of the most complicated stages, that of tooth birth. That is why the little one spends his nights awake and, with him, his mother.

A drama that now the Madrid woman has wanted to share with her more than 120,000 followers in Instagram: “I haven’t slept at all again. I’m super tired, I promise you. So “mamis”, I need help. Not only to know what happens to Leo, we already know. But because many times Leo falls asleep and the one who does not sleep is me. I remain alert ”, explained the‘ influencer ’through his‘ stoires ’.

“So if someone has a trick, because I can’t be like that, of course,” the young woman insisted. And is that BeatrizBesides being a mother, she is the director of a language school that has just recently opened. Added to all this is the fact that the couple is moving into a new home. Something that ends up making the situation completely unviable.