Koke: ‘If we are strong upside down we will reach the goal, we depend on ourselves’

Koke Resurrection, footballer of the
Atlético de Madrid
, analyzed the draw achieved by his team against the Real Betis. As he said, he does not understand that his team lost two points. “The team tried, we started very well placed on the field. The BetisWhen we scored, he had more possession, but he wasn’t creating danger. In a safe play, their goal came ”, he reflected in words to Movistar +.

“Then the team tried, we tried to find the goal. In the first half and in the end we had good chances. Two points escape but we must continue, we continue first, we depend on ourselves. That’s the most important thing, ”he explained.

“We have casualties but it is not an excuse, we have a great squad. We are all having a great season. We must continue, “he said to indicate that he hopes that” Joao Felix just be a hit and be ready for next weekend. ”

On whether the team has the strength for this part of the season, he said: “In the end it is a mental issue, it is the illusion that we have for wanting to win. That is what motivates us. Beyond the physical effort that we have to do, I think it’s all in the head. Upside down we have to be strong and we are, “he said to finish:” We feel strong. It is a pity that we are having many casualties. If we are strong-minded, we will reach the goal we all want ”.