Klopp hopes that the experience weighs in on the last day

Jurgen Klopp the season is played on this last day of the Premier League, in which your Liverpool (4th) wants to make sure to be in the Champions League next year, something that fights side by side against Leicester (5th) and Chelsea (3rd).

It is said that experience is a degree and that is precisely what the ‘red’ coach welcomes, who hopes that his team will get that extra boost from the weight of its recent history. “I don’t remember a season when we didn’t go on the wire. I’m used to stressing out until the last game “, Klopp said before the duel against the Crystal palace.

The important thing is that they arrive at this appointment with an upward dynamic. “We have found some stability and we have built up confidence again. We scored at the right times and conceded less. That is what we have to do, but in this type of game anything can happen. Nobody should expect the perfect match, I respect the Palace too much ”, made clear the coach of the Liverpool, which gave a very important role to the 10,000 fans who will return to the stadiums. “You can’t imagine how eager I am to see the fans inside Anfield.. It is important that we do not lose patience after the first minute, we need your best support. Nothing was the same without them. We have had to get used to it and we have, but it shouldn’t be like that. They make a difference. We all need support in life, football is a game based on emotion and we were alone ”, he emphasized Klopp.