‘Kisses to the air’ brings us closer to the true heroes of the pandemic

It’s been a year since the President of the goverment appeared on all televisions and confirmed our worst omens: We had to confine ourselves at home without going out.

From the first news coming from Wuhan (China), events rushed out of control until unprecedented measures had to be taken.

To this day, these measures have been altering our day to day, and in many cases they have completely modified our lives. A situation as unique as it is painful, which has marked us all forever.

The newscasts and the written or online press give us a generalized vision of the havoc that the virus has caused COVID-19. Data extremely necessary to know where we are in this disaster that we are living, but full of figures and percentages, so we run the risk of becoming desensitized to the pandemic. We may need to see a nearby story and delve into it to put ourselves in the shoes of the public health professionals that we have in Spain.

A luxury cast

Produced by Mediaset Spain In collaboration with Alea Media, Air kisses is a two-episode event-series with Paco Leon Y Eleanor Watling as main protagonists.

It will premiere in Star next March 26 and we will have its outcome available the following Friday, April 2. Directs it Iñaki Mercero and has a script of Darío Madrona, with Aitor Gabilondo as executive producer.

They complete the cast María León, Mariam Hernández, David Castillo, Nuria Herrero, Nancho Novo, Gracia Olayo, Zoe Stein, Gloria Muñoz, José Ángel Egido, Pau Durá, Jaime Olías, Loreto Mauleón, Mariano Venancio, Ruth Díaz, Luna Fulgencio, Fran Berenguer, Ariana Martínez, Inma Isla, Jordi Planas and Alejandro Sigüenza.

Besos al aire is a very recent work, which was recorded between November and December of last year 2020. It intertwines 8 stories between different people who have experienced the pandemic in a similar way to ours, with a mixture of disbelief, fear and pain.


The motto “Everything will be alright”, Which became popular all over the world, is one of the displays of collective solidarity that has marked us, in addition to the daily applause at 8pm sharp. The balconies throughout Spain took on an unprecedented relevance, as they were the only way to socialize and share moments with others. The fear of the virus managed to unite people who until now were ignorant of each other.

Kisses in the air talks about all these things and much more. It is a romantic comedy in times of confinement, not without drama and conflict between the different protagonists.

A true tribute to optimism, where different human profiles intersect, and where we will see ourselves reflected on more than one occasion. An emotional and highly anticipated work, where the cornerstone is love and solidarity.

With Besos al aire we have the opportunity to get to know our fellow citizens better and find out what it feels like to put ourselves in the shoes of the neighbor

Nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, orderlies and supermarket personnel have been a fundamental pillar during confinement, exposing themselves to an unknown and dangerous virus, and often without the necessary means to do so.

With Besos al aire we have the opportunity to get to know our fellow citizens better and to find out what it feels like to put ourselves in the shoes of the neighbor.

Love, humor and emotion in times of confinement. Enjoy it!

Available its first chapter on March 26 on Star of Disney +.

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