Kim Jong-un’s health information is “fake news”

The information on the health of the Korean leader Kim Jong-un remain tinged with mystery and controversy in equal parts, without anyone being able to lay their hands on the fire of how the controversial politician is.

In the last hours from their country, South Korea, they have stepped out to deny that Kim Jong-un is seriously ill or that he has even died as published.

The Unification Minister of South Korea has assured that this news is “fake news” and that it is based on unconfirmed information.

“I know that the CNN news is based on the Daily NK news, which said that Kim had an operation at the Hyangsan Medical Center,” he said. To the thread clarify that “that cannot make sense logically. Hyangsan Medical Center is like a clinic, a facility without the capacity to perform surgery or medical procedures, “he explained, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

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