Kiko Rivera surprises Isa Pantoja with a live call: ‘I can’t stop thinking about that’

Isa Pantoja has attended the program Ana Rosa Quintana to talk about her wedding with Asraf beno, that this last week has been much commented on Telecinco. This comes in the middle of a family conflict between his mother and his brother, Kiko rivera, who has not hesitated to surprise him live and send him a positive message despite the complicated situation in which they find themselves.

The DJ called the young woman by phone and told her that “you already know that I am going to your wedding, whoever goes, thinks that I am going to be the one who takes you to the altar.” “I can’t stop thinking about that, about taking you to the altar, no matter how busy or troubled you have, your wedding is a priority,” insisted the Andalusian, thus moving Isa.

Isa Pantoja with her fiancé Asraf Beno.

“I’m going to be there with you and I don’t miss it even dead. Perhaps these days I have not been with you because I have been involved, but you know that I am with you 100% “, he continued Kiko. “You can count for whatever you want, both you and my brother-in-law, as if I have to organize the bachelor party (laughs),” he added.

As I tried to hold back the tears Isa He thanked him for the precious gesture he had made with her. : “It seems to me very generous that even if you have your problems you lend yourself to participate,” he said.

On February 14, coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Asraf beno published on his Instagram profile the snapshots of his marriage proposal to Isa Pantoja. “I told her it was a photo and it was that I wanted to marry her,” he wrote next to the video.