Kiko Rivera confesses the money he has in the bank

Kiko rivera has been one of the guests of the ‘The resistance‘ This week. The DJ was this Wednesday in the Movistar + space where he starred in a relaxed interview with David broncano in which he was very clear regarding various issues and gave more than one headline.

Faced with such sincerity, the presenter did not hesitate to ask Isabel Pantoja’s son the mythical questions of the format: how much money he has in the bank and how often he has sex. “I have enough money for both my children and I to live the rest of my life, if I die tonight, of course”, Acknowledged the DJ.

Kiko Rivera: “I have a million and a half euros in the bank, more or less”

But the son of the tonadillera went further and gave an exact figure, something that both Broncano and the audience of the program applauded. “I have in the bank, not counting equity because they have not given it to me, like a million and a half euros more or less”, He revealed.

Kiko Rivera in ‘La Resistencia’.

About they sexual intercourse, Rivera acknowledged that he has sex with his wife, Irene Rosales, rather infrequently. “I’m a normal guy, but I fuck little”, He confessed. And he explained that this is because he has three children. “When my wife feels like it, I’m involved with Twitch and I can’t. When I have them, she can’t. Many times when we both feel like it at the same time, the girl is in the middle and it is not possible”, He counted.

Kiko Rivera in 'La Resistenica'.

Kiko Rivera in ‘La Resistenica’.

Kiko Rivera’s dart to her cousin: “I’ve taken a weight off my shoulders”

During his interview in ‘La Resistencia’, Kiko Rivera also threw a dart at his cousin Anabel Pantoja, with whom the relationship is going through its worst moment. In fact, the message he launched was clear: he does not want to know anything about her.

I’m happy. From 1 to 10 right now a 10 because I have lifted a great weight from my shoulders”, The DJ told Broncano at one point in the interview. “Which one?” The presenter wanted to know. “To my cousin, for example. I have lifted a great weight from my shoulders, the truth is that yes“, Replied the brother of Isa Pantoja. Some words that surely have not sat well with the collaborator of ‘Save me’ and with which Rivera makes it clear that he has no intention of fixing things.