Kiko Rivera asks journalists for help to demand from her mother what belongs to her

The relationship between Kiko rivera and his mother, Isabel Pantoja, is increasingly broken and all because of the Paquirri inheritance. On August 2, the tonadillera celebrated her birthday in Cantora and it was then that her son discovered that in his late father’s room there were still his personal belongings and all the bullfighting equipment, objects that had supposedly been stolen.

The DJ, who is going through a difficult financial time, contacted a group of lawyers to get his father’s inheritance, which Pantoja seems to have hidden for many years.

This weekend Telecinco aired a special program dedicated to the controversy that currently surrounds the family, ‘Cantora, la inheritance poisoned’, and exposed all the documentation to which they have had access: testimonies, contracts and even the will of the bullfighter.

Isabel Pantoja And Francisco ‘Kiko’ Rivera.

Rivera asks for help

Seeing the valuable information that Mediaset management has about your family, Rivera has contacted several journalists to help him in the war against his mother, as reported by the Informalia portal. Pantoja’s son needs the papers that some information professionals have in his possession.

Journalist Antonio Rossi, for example, has a contract in which it is shown that Isabel Pantoja sold five parts of Cantora in 1992, pocketing around 600,000 euros. Two of them were in his name, but the other three also belonged to Kiko, who has not seen a single euro of this transaction.

Paquirrín has not received money for the rental of the Cantora operation, income of 54,000 euros per year, which the Sevillian singer has received for 28 years. And the reporters have documentation to confirm it.

If Rivera gets this help, he can put his mother between a rock and a hard place.

Kiko Rivera reveals all the data about Cantora's heritage in the Telecinco special.
Kiko Rivera reveals all the data about Cantora’s heritage in the Telecinco special.