Kiko Olivas clings to the ‘hope’ of continuing in First

The player of the Real
Valladolid, Kiko
Olives, clings to the “hope” of continuing in the First Division next season and aspires to win this Saturday at Atlético de Madrid and for Athletic and Valencia to do the same with Elche and Huesca, although he is aware of the difficulty of the company.

As he assured this Wednesday, at a telematic press conference, “it is important to forget what happened so far, to have all the attention on the game against Atlético de Madrid and fight until the end, because the whole season is at stake in this game. “, a situation that was not expected.

“The spirit is to think that there is still a possibility, after a very hard week, because we had many expectations placed on the match against Real Sociedad, but we have to go for it, because Atleti plays a lot, but we play more, and you have to get the strength and everything we have inside “, he added.

Kiko Olivas, who has been away from the pitch for months due to a serious injury, has acknowledged that he has “suffered a lot” personally, for “not being able to help the team and having to watch the games from outside, with that impotence of not be there “and therefore hopes that” this year ends with good news. “

In his opinion, “there have been games that were decided by small details, last plays that would make today talk about something else, but the points added are what they are and there can be no excuses, but to look at what has been done wrong and try to get the rest on Saturday. “

“I don’t want to think about relegation, because after such a painful season, something good has to happen, and that’s why I don’t give up and I still trust the miracle. That is the hope I have and, although it is true that the spirits are low, after the previous meeting, if on Saturday we do not go out with optimism, we better not play, “he said.

In this sense, he has warned that he has “suffered a lot to reach the end with the option of playing one last game” and, therefore, he is not going to “come down” due to the fact that the possibility of winning is difficult and that it is not only up to them to be able to stay in First.

He has one more year of contract he wants to continue … in First

He believes that it does not make sense “to make riddles about what would have happened if he had changed coach, because that depends on those who are in charge and chose for everything to remain the same until the end”, and has indicated that he has one more year of contract and wants “stay in First”, something for which he will fight until the last moment.

Regarding the president of the club, Ronaldo Nazário, he commented that “he has always maintained the same line with the team and has conveyed unconditional support” and, the fact that he did not attend the game in San Sebastián is not relevant, since “When you go out to the field, nobody notices who is and who is not.”

Kiko Olivas has shown his confidence that Valencia will beat Huesca, “because it comes from a very good dynamic” and Athletic prevails against Elche, “because it is a historic club and I doubt that it wants to end with defeat this season”, at the same time that would be added the victory of Real Valladolid against the rojiblanco team.

Finally, in terms of possible bonuses to the teams involved in the title or relegation, he pointed out that “enough” they have with theirs “to think that there are going to be bonuses out there.” “We do not care, and we do not want to know anything about the issue,” he has settled.