Kiko Matamoros tells the reason why she has not seen Rocío Carrasco’s documentary

Carlota Sliding visited this Friday, May 28 ‘Friday deluxe’ to comment on how he experienced the broadcast of the documentary by Rocío Carrasco, now that it’s over. On that visit, he also showed his anger with one of his colleagues: Kiko Matamoros, who a day before the last episode of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series was broadcast, had confessed that he had not seen the program.

“That Kiko Matamoros has said on this set that Rocío Carrasco is a bad mother and a bad person and when the last episode is going to be broadcast say that she has not seen it, I really, what do I do, throw myself to the ground?” in that Carlota Corredera.

The presenter Carlota Corredera.

After that, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ has decided to speak about this matter this Sunday in ‘Viva la vida’. “I’m not going to talk about Carlota Corredera, host of the program I work for. First, because I know it would really bother you. You know what the functional structure of your program is, where it has to be and where it doesn’t ”.

In addition, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ has explained why he has not seen ‘Rocío Carrasco’ beyond chapter 0. “I already explained at the time that I did not see Rocío’s documentary series because it caused me great anxiety “.

“The 0 produced such a stupor and such a state of anguish and anxiety that I was seeing the 1 and I realized that I had my head in the previous one. I turned off the television, went to bed and had a hard time sleeping, ”Matamoros added.

Likewise, Kiko Matamoros has assured not to be a denier of Rocío Carrasco and has even put herself in her shoes. “I am not a denier of anything, there has not been a document that I have denied or a value judgment like the ones they say I do, I know what I have cried at home and I know what pain is for a child ”.