Kiko Matamoros attacks Makoke harshly: ‘You believe yourself more than anyone’

Makoke, who yesterday finally went to the set of ‘Viva la vida’, despite the fact that her intention was to stay at home because she was angry about the leak of private audios, and she starred in a strong fight with her ex-husband Kiko Matamoros.

The Andalusian defended the attitude of her daughter Anita with his father, with whom he has not spoken for a long time and currently has not worried about his state of health. “Her father said no and then she stops going but does not veto anyone,” referring to the controversy that the young woman had allegedly prohibited the entry of Marta Lopez to your hair salon.

Kiko Matamoros is very upset with Makoke.

“I was better this afternoon but after listening to this lady I am yellow. I am hallucinating with the attitude and cynicism that this lady is showing ”, she started Kiko Matamoros. “For months I have been without communication with my daughter, I love her very much, but her mother’s attitude seems harmful to me. That endorsement of that conduct shows that it is giving him a bad education ”.

The collaborator of ‘Save me’Transmitted to Makoke that “you cannot go through life believing yourself more than anyone, closing the doors of business to whoever you want”. “It is something that the mother should not applaud. You can’t go like this through life. You have to make him understand that in life you cannot act like a tyrant. It’s the only thing that bothers me. I don’t want her to act like a spoiled child, ”she said.