Kiko Matamoros, admitted urgently

Kiko Matamoros had to undergo this Monday a operation to remove the gallbladder. The operation went well, and this Thursday, July 30, the collaborator of ‘Save me‘ Had planned rejoin to the program. However, Matamoros has finally been unable to attend.

And is that the television has had to be urgently admitted in a Madrid clinic after suffering some severe postoperative pain. He announced it during the program Kiko Hernández. “Kiko Matamoros was discharged yesterday and would have to be on that set today. However, this morning he had to urgently enter the El Rosario Clinic, due to severe pain, “began the collaborator, who this Thursday presented” Save me. ”

The first photo that Kiko Matamoros shared on Instagram after his gallbladder operation.

In addition, the program has been able to speak to the cabbie that has taken Matamoros to the hospital. “(The taxi driver) he had to skip the traffic lights because Kiko was with his hand on his stomach and chest with terrible pain”, Explained the presenter. Marta López Álamo, the partner of the collaborator, also went in the vehicle and asked the driver “to run” because the pain of the tertullian was “unbearable”.

Kiko Hernández: “Kiko asked to go to El Rosario because he could not have reached another hospital”

Kiko has a threshold of beastly pain, she doesn’t complain about anything. Notice how he would go saying that he was in pain and Marta was on the phone with someone who asked if she was okay. Kiko could not breathe and asked to go to El Rosario because he could not have reached another hospital”Kiko Hernández continued.

Minutes later, the reporter Omar Suarez He gave more details of what had happened since the entrance of the El Rosario Clinic. Suarez has explained that have transferred the collaborator to another hospital center. “They are taking him by ambulance” why “it is more serious than it seems”, Explained the reporter. And it seems that, following the operation he underwent on Monday, Matamoros would be suffering from pancreatitis. “What has happened is that the gallbladder was removed and it has led to pancreatitis. When they operated on him, they did not clean him well and now he has severe pain, “explained the‘ Save me ’reporter.

Kiko Matamoros, admitted urgently this Thursday.
Kiko Matamoros, admitted urgently this Thursday.

Kiko Matamoros: “They won’t let me eat or drink, I think they will intervene”

About eight in the afternoon, Matamoros has called ‘Sálvame’ live to respond to a controversy around him, his girlfriend and his daughter Anita Matamoros. But first, he has tried to explain how he was, and it looks like he could go into the operating room. “They won’t let me eat or drink, I think they will intervene”, Said the collaborator from the hospital center.