Khloé Kardashian explodes after her controversial photo in a swimsuit: ‘Unbearable’

The tv star Khloé kardashian assured that the pressure for his physical condition is “unbearable” after thousands of users shared a photo of themselves in a swimsuit that was posted online without their permission.

“In truth, the pressure, the constant ridicule and the judgment that I have been subjected to all my life to be perfect and meet the standards of others about my physique has been too much to bear,” wrote the “influencer” in a publication.

The comment, accompanied by a video in which the sister of the Kardashian clan appears dancing, it comes after his team tried to remove all traces of an image that an attendee posted by mistake.

The photograph, without retouching, caught the attention of numerous netizens, who immediately compared the scene with others published by Khloé Kardashian.

The photo posted this week is pretty. But after having had problems with my body image my whole life, when someone takes a picture of you that is not flattering, with bad lighting, that does not reflect your body well after working so hard, and then shares it with the world, one should have every right to ask that it not be shared, regardless of who it is, “he said.

The star explained that she is aware of the comments made about her physique and of the constant comparisons with the rest of her sisters, with comments such as “Khloé is the fat sister”, “Khloé is the ugly sister” or “her father is not it can be the same because she is very different ”.

“Of course I’m not asking for empathy, but I am asking for recognition for being human,” she added after admitting her privileged status.

“I like a good filter, a good light, and a bit of editing here and there. (…) My body, my image and how I share it is something that I decide ”, he concluded.