Khabib reveals CR7’s biggest wish: ‘He wants his son to be his successor’

The former UFC fighter K
habib Nurmagomedov is one of the best friends of Cristiano Ronaldo. Both have posed together on various occasions and have shared personal moments, just as they wanted to show their fans. They are united by great complicity and now the fighter himself has brought to light some unknown details about the Juventus player.

He assures that he speaks with Portuguese almost daily and that he shares day-to-day concerns. Khabib, lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), spoke with the Youtuber KraSava after he announced his retirement in October. With him, she was honest.

Thus, the expeller explained the beginning of his relationship with the Portuguese footballer: “When we met we had a conversation about where we got our motivation from. He told me that he wants his son to be his successor. When Christian was a child could only dream of having a simple pair of boots. But your son has it all. You fear that your child does not feel the same hunger, the same will. People are guided by that will, they feel the desire to achieve things. When you have everything, it is difficult to find the right motivation, “he explained.

It was precisely that motivation that brought them together: “When he told me, I’m not going to say that he surprised me, but I enjoyed listening to him. I realized that he is a person who does not settle for one, two or three titles “

He also addressed those who think that the footballer’s career has already ended. “He recently won his thirtieth title, he is the best scorer in history. I believe that Christian It will still be there for two or three more seasons, ”he added.