Keylor: ‘At Madrid I felt that a part of the club did not believe in me’

Keylor Navas, current goalkeeper of the PSG and defender of the goal Real Madrid Between 2014 and 2019, he gave an interview to the official media of his club in which he reviewed the news and also valued his time at the Bernabeu, where he will always be remembered as the goalkeeper of the three Champions consecutive. Despite its success, and after having removed the position of a legend like Iker Casillas, the attic signed for him PSG in 2019 after a season competing for the position with Courtois.

“When I got to Madrid I didn’t try to prove it was better than Iker and that my career would be more successful than yours ”, he recalls about his arrival in Madrid in the summer of 2014 from I raised. “I just tried to take advantage of the opportunity they gave me to work hard, with humility and doing my best,” he recalls, adding, “It’s the same thing I came to Paris to do, to do my best to lift the highest number of titles for the fans and for my family ”.

Navas also says that he never felt the full confidence of Madrid when he played in the Bernabeu. “In Spain I had the feeling that a part of the club did not totally believe in me. I will always be grateful to the Real Madrid fans for the unconditional support that they showed me and that they still show me despite having changed teams and my teammates at Madrid also always believed in me, ”says the Costa Rican.

“At PSG things are a little different, everyone trusts me and I try to reciprocate that trust in each game “, he asserts Keylor, which also recalls the last edition of the Champions, where he PSG he stayed at the gates of his first title falling in the final against him Bayern. “We had a wonderful experience in the final phase of Lisbon“, He recalls,” and in the end we were very sad for not achieving the goal of winning the final, but we learned a lot from that, “he values. Keylor. “Now we are growing, we want to reach another final and win it. For some footballers, going this far was unprecedented and it is normal that you do not know what you are facing. Now that we have all passed that, the team is more mature ”, ditch Keylor.