Kevin Durant apologizes for his homophobic comments on social networks

The Brooklyn Nets do not want more attention than is strictly necessary and so they spoke as an organization with their star Kevin Durant to try some misogynistic and homophobic comments of the player on social media.

The origin of the controversy is in a private chat that the player had with the actor Michael Rapaport via Instagram. The comedian later shared the conversation in public, sparking controversy over the language used by KD rather than the feud itself.

“I feel that people have seen the language that I have used”Durant said in his first news conference since his injury in mid-February. “It’s not what I really want people to see and feel about me, but I hope I can move on and get back on track soon ”.

The private exchange between Rapaport and Durant originated from the actor’s criticism of the player after a December interview, recently shared by the comedian on his networks. KD’s repeatedly misogynistic, homophobic and violent language, who even threatened the actor with meeting face to face to resolve the issue, gave headlines in the New York press for several days.

Steve Nash, coach of the Nets, commented to the journalist of the ESPN Malika Andrews who the organization had had internal discussions about the language used by KD, but declined to clarify what was specifically discussed in the meeting with Durant on this issue.

KD has not played for the Nets since February 13, when he suffered a muscle tear in the hamstrings of his left leg. In 21 games for Brooklyn, Durant is averaging 29 points., 7.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game.