Kessié, from Milan, in the orbit of Real Madrid

Real Madrid would be very attentive to Franck kessie, Milan midfielder, according to the Italian media ‘La Reppublica’. Kessié, 24, born in Ivory Coast, ends his contract with Milan in 2022 and the newspaper explains that Real Madrid is very aware of him.

Kessie He is being one of the outstanding Milan players who has already started contacts with the player to renew his contract and thus not risk that he can go free in 2022. According to the Trasnfermarkt website, his market price is 40 million euros.

The midfielder position is one of those that Real Madrid wants to reinforce for next season as they only have Casemiro. The main candidate to reach the white club is Camavinga, but Real Madrid is looking for other alternatives in case the Frenchman from Rennes does not end up signing.