Kawasaki Català Aclam takes the 24 Hours of Catalonia

Kawasaki Català Aclam has rewritten his name as the winner of the 24 Hours of Catalonia of Motorcycling, signing his eighth victory in the mythical endurance test. The group of Molins de Rei is the second team with the most victories, and today they have been able to make up for the last edition, in which they could not see the checkered flag. He has also set a lap record, with a total of 759 beating the record set in 2015 by the late Yamalube Folch Endurance.

The 26th edition of the 24 Hours of Catalonia of Motorcycling began with the Kawasaki Català Aclam and Team BMD Performance, the great rivals of the last edition held in 2019, fighting for victory. So, it was the French who won the crown, while this Sunday the roles have been exchanged.

Together with the FR Moto, owner of the pole and habitual in the first positions during the first hours, they promised a fierce fight, but the demands of the race have taken its toll on all of them, although with less importance for Kawsaki Català Aclam, who has been able to secure victory despite various setbacks.

Kawasaki Català Aclam, with Julien Pilot, Anthony Loiseau, Gabriel Pons and Stéphane Egea, started second, and led the first quarter of the race under pressure from Team BMD Endurance, made up of Vincent Philippe, Alex Plancassagne, Camille Hedelin and Franck Delcour. Towards the middle of the race, the French took the reins while the FR Moto (Asrin Rodi Pak, Jacopo Cretaro, Pedro Rodríguez, Álex Rubio) tried to make their comeback by losing third position after a crash, a comeback that did not finish materialize by laps lost in the pits.

Already under the artificial light of the Circuit and in the middle of the night phase, Team BMD Performance continued to lead, with the pressure of Kawasaki Català Aclam which forced the French to go to the ground, losing all their advantage and rejoining the track after the repairs in fourth position, leaving the command in the hands of the Català team, which has no longer released it. The problems for the FR Moto led to its withdrawal at dawn due to problems in the engine of the Yamaha YZF R-1.

After the withdrawal of two of the heavyweights of the event, the CMA 64 CMA 64 – YAM 65 – Tech System has been climbing to second place and the Box 69 Racing team has surprised with that absolute third place. The Catalan team, which has fought with teams in the World Endurance Championship category, has also won the Open Superbike category with its riders Jordi Pocorull, Marc Guillamet, Óscar Amado and Félix Rodríguez.

The Superstock 1000 category has been for the Central Team Endurance (Guichon, Charvaux, Fontes, Flotterer), in sixth place scratch. One of the Martimotos.com units, the team with the most participants, has achieved victory in the Superstock 600, with Victor López, Omar Marcet, Carlos Gutiérrez and Sergio Romero.

On the other side of the coin, various home teams. The aforementioned FR Moto is part of a group of retirees that also includes the Atlantic Racing Team, EDN – Èxit Navàs with its two units, Est Moto Passion, Team Bimtrazer Basque and Team Scolaire FMR 34 Lycée Pierre. Mendes.