Karmele’s threat to Jorge Javier and Kiko Matamoros: ‘Cocaine addict and thief’

Monumental mess that has been formed in networks this past weekend. And is that Karmele Marchante, former collaborator of ‘Save me‘, Mercilessly attacked Jorge Javier Vázquez and Kiko Matamoros after the latter mentioned her in’Saturday Deluxe‘.

It is no secret that, since she left her position as a chatter on Telecinco, the Catalan has charged harshly against the chain, as well as those who were her companions in her day.

This time it has not been less. Through his official profile at Twitter, Karmele He began by saying that “they just told me that the cocaine addict and thief from the Treasury is talking about me in that garbage dump of Telecinco. The psychopathic dwarf hasn’t stopped him. I have them threatened, as they mention me, I sing ”.

Kiko Matamoros, in ‘Save me’.

Two misogynists, abusers and egomaniacs dare you mention me? What a couple of lonely and abandoned wretches. One gives to alcohol and the other to dust. Alone and unhappy ”, he continued writing in a thread in which he did not leave a puppet with a head.

Regarding his goodbye from the program, he related that “I left without saying goodbye. Working there was a dunghill of many roads. Drugs, abuse, bullying, misogyny… ”.

Such was the stir caused, that a day later, the Dealer herself came out to give explanations of the tweets made just a few hours before. “Hello. I respond to my friends here. Of course I entered the bud for the rage that two pigs buried in manure speak of me. I was arriving from a dinner and they brought me up to speed. Okay, I’m going to start counting things. Starting tomorrow I will open the thread. Thanks everyone! Get ready! ”, He finished pointing out.