Karelys Rodríguez explains her ‘hook’ with Cayetano Rivera: “She wouldn’t let me go”

The relationship lasted 6 years

/ Cayetano Rivera

New details of the lawyer’s revealing interview with Omar Suárez in which he assured that he had a relationship with Eva González’s husband “until last year”


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Karelys Rodríguez has hit the table and in an extensive interview with Lecturas he has told his truth regarding his relationship with Cayetano Rivera of which he has given all kinds of details. The lawyer is not willing to make her look ‘bad’ for this story after the publication of the controversial photos of both together in London to which the bullfighter reacted quickly announcing legal actions. Despite this Karelys has spoken and has done it long and hard ensuring that he has had a six-year relationship with Eva González’s husband until last year.

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