Kang In Lee, on the Juventus radar

Kang in lee, a South Korean footballer for Valencia, is in the orbit of the Juventus from Turin. This is assured by the calciomercato portal, which underlines that the Turin team is perfectly informed of the situation of the player, whom the Mestalla team intends to renew: his contract expires in June 2022.

The interest of the Italian club would not be so much to incorporate it into its first squad immediately, next season, but to keep polishing the potential of the young player of 20 years just turned.

In this sense, and according to the same source, Kang In could be loaned to a team before becoming one of the central pieces of the ‘vecchia signora’. The difficult financial situation of Valencia, forced to sell one of its main securities, plays in favor of the interests of the Turin team.

A goal from Kang In Lee with Valencia